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Heath Friend – Director

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My name is Heath Friend and I help local business owners build predictable business processes & a pathway to freedom by providing proven client acquisition systems, mentoring & business coaching.

Many home service pros fail to realize their dreams due to lack of focus, bad habits and no systems in place.  The end result is a day to day grind in the “hamster wheel.”  Get out of the grind today.  Start working “on” your business and not “in it”. 
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Customer Leads in 2020

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Client Generated Revenue


With the help of Friendly Web You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It Too..

Leads Produced in 2020

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With the help of Friendly Web You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It Too..

Just a taste of the huge amount of customers we have connected to one our happy tradies.

We Booked Erics Calender Out Three Weeks In Advanced, In Only Seven Days Of Advertising... ​

Eric was a sole owner-operator who was really struggling to find consistent high paying leads.

“Mate, You’re not going to believe this! But, I just landed a job worth $5,500 off the first call you sent me. This is Unreal!!”

Fast forward 18 months, Eric has gone on to secure multiple ongoing 5 figure contracts & employs a team of 7 staff with 2 crews on the move at all times.

"Heath has been integral to the growth of our business, Granny and Co Homes.

His SEO and website restructuring have created a solid foundation from which we can operate. The phone rings frequently. There are many enquiries & many questions. And I'm not wasting money on AdWords. All of this is important for a new company as it allows us to focus on building relationships with clients (who have found us) & refining our procedures instead of chasing work.

Heath understands our ethos & shares our vision for growth. I'm looking forward to building on the solid foundation we've created at Granny and Co Homes."

Nathan Stroud
Granny & Co
"We engaged with Heath back in 2018. Our business was in a pretty tough spot. It was just me and another bloke running equipment that was under loved and under serviced. Each day we were trying to get a job for the next day to ensure we had money coming in. It was really quite desperate.
After working with Heath and him making our phone blow up we've now gone on to have a crew of 6 & new fleet of equipment. I am no longer on the tools anymore so have the time focus on quoting and the running of the business.

After being burnt by so many other so called SEO gurus, Heath is a breath of fresh air and we will continue to work with him closely to build our business even further "
Eric Devjak
Chip Off the Old Block
Tree Service

What You Need to Succeed

Everyone wants to know the tools you need for success. 

At Friendly Web we not only connect you with clients but also give you the time to understand your business to deliver to you what you definition of success really is. 

Consistent Work

A constant flow of new quality customers coming to your business to ensure you never run out of work.


A lead system that is scalable to ensure that when you want to expand you have everything you need to take things to the next level. 

Customer Service

Training & Systems in place to provide A+ customer service experience to all your potential clients.


We take care of your online digital presence and lead generation so you can work on the business, not in the business.

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